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4 quick free internet advertising ideas for small business by Mark Casey

May 2, 2013

Learn some quick ways you can promote your small business online for free. With nearly 75% of all businesses in the US having no website or web presence, here are a few ways to get your business noticed when people search online for your services.

Mamma Mia It is Live by Mark Casey

March 13, 2013

The challenge for the RI Web Gurus was to not only create a website in one week but to do so for a business that is brand new to the wonderful world of technology! How did we do?

East Greenwich Website Winner Is by Mark Casey

March 4, 2013

RI Web Gurus March Madness Winner was announced today! The winner of our free websites valued at $2000 is Frank and John from Italy

Graph Search with Facebook by Mark Casey

February 6, 2013

Graph Search from Facebook looks to become the new way we will search for information online, with more detailed personal results, that Google and the other search engines cannot provide. So what's in store?

Are You Linkedin? by Mark Casey

January 10, 2013

Recently, I have noticed that LinkedIn has been coming up as a topic in many social settings. Generally the public seems divided on their opinions of the ever growing social media platform. Some have never heard of it while others feel it is very beneficial for their professional development.