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Trendspot Inc. Guru Website

Trendspot Inc. is a global leader in Indoor and Outdoor Planters and Garden Decor, with a mission to provide innovative and on-trend products.

What We Did

Fresh Design
Trendspot Inc. wanted an updated design that combined their parent company and the PlantHappiness brand they had created.
Trendspot Inc. is really looking to inspire their consumers, so we created a blog for them to share posts about gardening ideas and inspirations.
Trendspot Inc. recently acquired the OutDoozie brand, so we needed to create a home on the website to highlight these products.
Plant Visualizer
We built a custom interactive online tool where users try out planters with assorted plants and flowers.

Project Overview

Trendspot Inc. has been a longstanding client. They recently asked for a website redesign to better serve and match the changes they have made within their organization.

Project Specs

Website Redesign
Project Consulting
Sitemap Revision
Responsive Design
Image Gallery
Plant Visualizer