What We Do

The RI Web Gurus offer a variety of services and some of our clients ask us to do some pretty funky stuff. Our capabilities are pretty expansive and we can cater to all types of needs. We do however have a pretty standard list of services that you may be interested in. Below is a list of some of our most common services.

Web Development - RI Web Gurus

Web Development

Graphic Design - RI Web Gurus

Graphic Design

Business Solutions - RI Web Gurus

Business Solutions

Web Development - RI Web Gurus

Web Development

Guru Website

This is a custom designed and built site based on the look and feel of your company's brand and the specifics of your website functionality. We will consider all of the needs of your organization and choose the right Content Management System for you, whether it be our custom CMS called Sym-Edit, or an Open Source CMS such as WordPress or Drupal.

E-Commerce Website

Selling products or services? We’ve got a platform for that. Actually, we've got two! Again, depending on your needs and the size of your organization we may use Magento or Shopify for your e-commerce website. Both of these platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features required for online business growth and success.

Custom Website / Application

Have the next great idea? Let us help you bring that idea to fruition. Sometimes you need more than a basic website to make your business successful. We have experience with high-performance web frameworks such as Symfony2, that were made to handle high volumes of users and to be extremely secure.

Responsive Design

These days, with the use of tablets and mobile devices, responsive design is imperative for your website. We believe in responsive design over designing a separate mobile site for pure simplicity; why update two websites when you can just update one? We will design your site to be "responsive" so that it sizes down proportionately whether it is being viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.


Blogs give you the ability to write, categorize and share your news, events and industry knowledge. We can set up a blog within your site, matching the look and feel of the website.

Graphic Design

Social Media Setup and Design

Did you know that not all social media platforms are created equal? In fact, most of them have their own unique dimensions for your profile picture and supporting imagery. Not to worry, our social media design includes the setup of the account, acquiring a custom URL for your brand, filling out the appropriate profile information about your company and branding it according to the site’s specs to match your corporate identity.

Logo Design

In need of logo? Get an identity worth talking about! We have two different logo design packages you can choose from, as well as additional packages for social media and your logo style guide.

Print Design

Print material to support your marketing efforts is important, capture your audience through design! Whether it be a business card, promotional material package design or anything print, we can help! Designing with us ensures that all of your print material and online material match and send the same message!

Graphic Design - RI Web Gurus

Business Solutions - RI Web Gurus

Business Solutions

Basic Search Engine Optimization

We will optimize each page of your website for proper search engine ranking. This service includes performing all of the "on-page" items that the search engines expect to see.

Email Marketing

We will set up an email marketing campaign (such as through Constant Contact or Mail Chimp) to assist with your online marketing efforts. This includes the setup of the account, assistance with integrating a contact list, the setup of your welcome letter and a design for your first campaign.

Analytic Installation and Reporting

Interested in who is visiting your website? We will install an analytics tool on your website which will help measure your ROI. View detailed statistics about your visitors, monitor changes in your data patterns and more. Coinciding with the Analytic Installation, we will send you a monthly report to show you the detailed stats.

Google Apps

We love Google Apps, we truly believe it streamlines your business. Google Apps offers cloud based productivity software for your office including Gmail for Business email accounts, file storage, shared calendars, documents, spreadsheets, and more. We can help get you off and running with Google Apps in no time.

Are You Ready?

In the world of the web, no two projects are EXACTLY alike - that is why we like to chat with you first about your individual needs.