Craig Blanchette

Craig studied Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has been creating websites for over 13 years and does all the development work at RI Web Gurus. He enjoys playing music and writing code.


first started to learn HTML when I was in 7th grade – One of my teachers asked if anybody would like to stay after class to help update the homework assignments on the class website – and I haven’t stopped since! Math had always piqued my interest and programming seemed to fall neatly in line. From there I started to learn Processing and created “math art” and fractals.


I went to WPI to study Computer Science to further my knowledge and even stayed in Venice, Italy for 2 months building a database to archive municipal data and public art. From there I moved to a start up in Providence, RI and decided that was something I wanted to do on my own.


Nowadays you can likely find me playing drums or guitar, playing a few games of Rocket League, or writing code for Symfony2. My dearest project, SymEdit, a CMS (Content management system) built in the Symfony framework has recently been open-sourced, which provides an easy to use solution for other Symfony developers and users alike.


Web Applications
Conceptual Development

Craig Blanchette
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I came to Craig and Anne with a project I needed completed in a short time frame. I thought the task may be insurmountable but Craig stepped up to plate and knocked it out of the park. I couldn’t be happier with how the system turned out and how much he cares about getting things to run correctly, even post launch-date. His knowledge of the latest code enhancements and speed with which he works is incomparable. I would definitely recommend the Gurus for any project…big or small!