Web Design Services

Web Design

As a company based in Providence RI, we are here to cater to all of our local companies when it comes to Rhode Island Web Design. We offer custom and unique web design that is not only focused on looking good, but designed also to satisfy business needs and propel your business towards your professional goals.

Corporate Identity

The Corporate Identity of a company is an overall “persona” set in place across all platforms such as in your marketing efforts, promotional material and advertisements. It is designed in accordance with your company name, tag line and other business objectives to create a visual representation of your company’s philosophy and culture; that which will appeal to your target audience.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a creative process which is used to visually convey a specific message to a target audience. A common use of graphic design in the business world is developing items for print that uses your corporate identity to keep with your brands consistency. There are many different outlets for promoting your company through print and graphic design such as items you have for everyday use like business cards, letterhead and envelopes, for advertising purposes, such as magazine ads, billboards and brochures, or for marketing efforts such as mailed postcards, flyers and package design.

Social Media Design

Social Media Design is a more recent trend of branding all of your social media tools to be consistent with your company's corporate identity. Because each social media platform is different and used for different purposes, the design capabilities behind them are different as well. Often times, when a company receives their finalized logo from a design company, they receive it in one size and that is what is used anytime they need their logo. The thing about social media though, is that all of their specifications are different, so you may have your logo in a rectangle shape, but Facebook for instance, needs it as a square. You upload what you have, and the image is condensed to fit and is therefore distorted.