Social Media Design is a more recent trend of branding all of your social media tools to be consistent with your company’s corporate identity. Because each social media platform is different and used for different purposes, the design capabilities behind them are different as well. Often times, when a company receives their finalized logo from a design company, they receive it in one size and that is what is used anytime they need their logo. The thing about social media though, is that all of their specifications are different, so you may have your logo in a rectangle shape, but Facebook for instance, needs it as a square. You upload what you have, and the image is condensed to fit and is therefore distorted.

At RI Web Gurus, we will make sure that this problem doesn't happen. Beyond that, for many sites, there is the ability to “skin” your company pages to enhance your branding efforts even more. Again, these dimensions and specifications are different for each social media site, so we’ll come up with unique designs for each so that they work around the site platform while still keeping consistent with your company brand.

Social media is such a fast paced and growing trend that the options for creative design are changing frequently. This is a great opportunity for any business that has a strong social media presence to stay current and ahead of the curve. Some of the sites that allow for more creative social media design opportunities include your blog and Facebook. A company’s blog is the home of their voice. It is where many of their ideas and opinions are placed and should reflect their company identity as much visually as it does through words. Facebook allows you to create custom tabs that can market anything about your company, so you can focus one on your company’s mission and history, while another focuses on a current promotion you may have running. These tabs can all be designed with your brands identity while sending an effective message.

Based on some recent stats, Facebook users are 28% more likely to continue using a brand they like and 41% more likely to recommend that service or product to friends and family. 81% of Facebook fans have an alliance with a brand and feel compassionate about it. Social media is a quick and easy outlet for companies to take advantage of these trends and keep their loyal consumers engaged and enticed by their brand.

Some of the more common social media sites RI Web Gurus design for include:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter