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Craig Blanchette

I first started to learn HTML when I was in 7th grade - One of my teachers asked if anybody would like to stay after class to help update the homework assignments on the class website - and I haven't stopped since! Math had always piqued my interest and programming seemed to fall neatly in line. From there I started to learn Processing and created "math art" and fractals.

I went to WPI to study Computer Science to further my knowledge and even stayed in Venice, Italy for 2 months building a database to archive municipal data and public art. From there I moved to a start up in Providence, RI and decided that was something I wanted to do on my own.

Nowadays you can likely find me playing drums or guitar, playing a few games of Rocket League, or writing code for Symfony2. My dearest project, SymEdit, a CMS (Content management system) built in the Symfony framework has recently been open-sourced, which provides an easy to use solution for other Symfony developers and users alike.