Content Management

We design all of our websites to be “responsive” so that they size down proportionately whether it is being viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

A Content Management System is what allows you (the business owner) to keep your website up to date.

Our approach to our business is to provide our clients with the tools to manage their website on their own.


We want our clients to feel in control of their website and be able to make their own edits, rather than feeling like they have to ask and pay us to do it. This allows our clients to keep their websites current and full of useful knowledge on their own time, rather than needing to wait for us. A CMS gives you the access to go in and edit items such as content, delete/add pictures and even add a new page. Seeing that business seems to change by the minute these days, why shouldn’t you be able keep that news current on your website?


Some commonly known Content Management systems include WordPress, Drupal or Magento if you are dealing with E-Commerce. We even have our own, called Sym-Edit.

What Are Some Benefits of a Content Management System?

  • Control of the content on your website
  • Keeps your website up to date and active
  • Allows for real time changes
  • Reduces the cost of website maintenance
  • No technical skills or HTML knowledge is needed
  • Different permissions are allowed to edit only the areas you need access to
  • We can create different admin accounts so multiple people can make edits


Choosing the proper CMS prior to the website build is vital. It is important to be aware that there are many factors to take into account when choosing a CMS, and we will walk you through all of your options based on your specific needs. At the end of the day, by working with the RI Web Gurus, you will have a well functioning and designed site with the access to keep it up to date and presentable to the world!