Web Design

We are here to cater to all of companies when it comes to Rhode Island Web Design.

The difference between web design and building websites.

Choosing an RI web design company with creative web designers is a crucial part in developing your business and creating an effective online presence.


Web Design is just what it sounds like, the process of designing a website. At RI Web Gurus, our process is different than much of our competition because we have separate departments when it comes to designing a website vs. building a website. Many times, when you deal strictly with a designer, you get a great design, but lose out on the key functionality you need because the designer simply doesn’t know how to “code” a website. In contrast, when dealing strictly with a developer, you get all of the functionality you need, but the design lacks a creative spark and doesn’t truly represent the image of your company brand. We recognized that this was a common problem and extreme frustration when it came to companies trying to satisfy both needs. So we decided to do something about it, at RI Web Gurus we believe you should get the best of both worlds. So we’ve got a design brain and a developer brain working together to create some of the best websites around.


What is good web design?

Much like designing a logo, there are many things to take into account for your RI web design. Firstly, it must match your current corporate identity. If your logo is red and blue, you wouldn’t build a website with neon greens and oranges. It is important that the two go hand and hand. Secondly, it is important that your website site map and wireframe are established prior to the design. As you would approach many things, it is vital to have a well-structured plan of the websites key functionalities, call to actions and overall goals. With these items planned, the design is molded around them in ways that will provoke action, or just serve their purpose. The wireframe is important also because in that phase we plan for our Search Engine Optimization strategy. In an artistic way, this is basically the laying out of words on the website so that you have optimal opportunity to rank within the search engines.


We design our websites with all of these things in mind. We take pride in the custom look that we develop for each of our clients. Our ultimate goal is to design a website that is a complete visual representation of your corporate image and values. With this, it should instill a “feeling” of what a potential client can expect when receiving a service, product, or experience from your company, therefore making a huge positive impact on your potential future business!

We offer custom and unique web design that is not only focused on looking good, but designed to satisfy business needs and propel your business towards your professional goals.