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Part of our job is to encourage our clients to utilize their blog.

Blogging is great because it keeps fresh content on your website, which the search engines really like to see. It's also beneficial because it's an easy way to share news, events or your opinion about trendy topics within your industry. And you just never know, your crafty blog may end up getting you noticed in the social world, and before you know it you could end up with a bunch of hits on your website. So blogging is a smart thing to do.

I find myself highlighting the benefits of a blog on a daily basis in my job. Yet as all of the key points are rolling off of my tongue, I am secretly cringing inside because we haven't updated our blog in over a year! That's right, you heard me. We are a web design company, we build a ton of blogs, and yet we don't update our own! It really is shameful.

So, what gives?

So you've realized you are dropping the ball on blogging, and the first thing you have to do is figure out why. So why weren't we writing blogs? The list could be filled with endless excuses, but the main realization we had was that we were making it harder on ourselves than it had to be. We were trying to come up with interesting, different things to write about that made sense for our industry, and that was just plain hard! We are a small business, and dedicating time to coming up with blog topics always fell to the bottom of the list.

Now what?

Ok, so we've figured out our problem, now what's the solution? The solution is (of course) always easier than you think. And in our case, it was obvious. The solution to our blog funk was to stop making it so hard, and just focus on what we are good at. And what are we good at? Building websites!

Our "New Website Launch Series"

So, we've decided to create a new blog series based on all of the new websites that we build. As we launch a new site, we'll write about the project, the goals of the project, problems we overcame etc. That should be interesting enough, right? This will allow us to easily have new content to write about on a frequent basis, and completely eliminate the "what are we going to write about" question. It's also a great way to showcase our work, and hopefully get some traffic to the new websites that we build as well!

Do you find yourself in a blogging funk too?

Maybe it's time to simplify things, and just focus on what you know best.

Anne Blanchette on Google+ June 30, 2016