Sparking the Kengy Revolution

Sparking the "Kengy Revolution" - Guru Style! A lot of times people approach us and ask that age old question,...
Sparking the Kengy Revolution

Sparking the “Kengy Revolution” – Guru Style!

A lot of times people approach us and ask that age old question, “what makes you different from other web companies?” There are a lot of ways we can answer that question, but in today’s post, I really want to highlight the fact that we take a vested interest in the success of our clients. We truly believe that “our client’s success is our success,” so we do what we can to go that extra mile to provide them with added value, whatever that may be.

For Kengy Eyewear, that meant holding a networking event at our office promoting her product, her new website and her unique business strategy. The event was held on Friday, December 7th and had over 30 people in attendance. We served some light appetizers and beverages and had a steady flow of people throughout the night which went from 5:30 to 8:00.

Kengy was able to make quite a few sales, but more importantly she got exposure to people at the event and through all of the marketing we did for it leading up to the night. Her unique approach to selling her sunglasses via hosted parties will continue to gain her more exposure as guests of these parties tend to come from all over. A few of our guests were from out of state, so they will now serve as everyday “live” walking promotion of Kengy sunglasses!

Ladies wearing Kengy Eyewear

We try to find unique ways to support and promote all of our clients, whether it’s mentioning them at our weekly BNI meeting, attending their events or in Kengy’s case, holding a night of networking for her! Each client is important to us and offering them value on top of their website build is part of our business strategy. So next time you come across someone in need of RI web design services, think of us, we try and put a “guru touch” to every project we work on!

If you are interested in learning more, check out Kengy’s website, kengyeyewear.com and join the “Kengy Revolution”!

(photo credit LauraInkPhotography)